Native Plants

Flowers in Solebury Township

Planting native gardens can help to preserve the indigenous plants that are disappearing from the area as well as create small oases for the wildlife in the Township neighborhoods. Combined, each of our individual efforts can offset the major changes we are causing in our region and begin to repair the web of life. You can make a difference!

Native plants have many advantages. Begin by choosing the right native plants for your site, buying healthy ones and planting them properly. Once planted, you'll find that these plants are well-adapted to our climate, with built-in resilience to temperature and rainfall fluctuations. When planted in the proper situation, native plants require minimal maintenance.

Many native plants also attract more wildlife, such as birds and butterflies. Creating favorable habitats for these creatures will help the environment and make your garden a livelier place to enjoy. We are fortunate in our area to have some great resources for native plants. Two non-profit organizations have native plant sales each spring:

A Living Example

To help residents see for themselves the many ways that native plants can be a unique and sustainable part of every home's landscape, the grounds of the Township Hall are planted with a wide variety of wildflowers, grasses and shrubs that are indigenous to the region.

Native plants along entrance to Township Building Township Building Rain Garden