Lumberville is a typical one industry mill village of the 19th century. It demonstrates the influence of the Industrial Revolution. The commercial life of the village flourished over a long period. Not only were raw and finished lumber shipped in and out on the River, but a great deal of coal and limestone were shipped via the canal. The village has retained its integrity, its appearance is unchanged, and it remains a community of houses surrounding the continuing lumber business and the old inn which was started in the 1700s.

LumbervilleThe birthplace of the luminist artist Martin Johnson Heade, in the early 1900's it became a haven for various artists and writers who came to Lumberville to enjoy the quiet, bucolic atmosphere so necessary to successful creative work.

The 1984 historic designation of Lumberville ensures that this community, thriving since the mid 1700s, retains much of its two-centuries-old character.

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