202 Property Advisory Committee

The 202 Property Advisory Committee will hold meetings and guide decisions on the future use of the roughly 13-acre former flea market site at the intersection of Route 202 and Reeder Road. The committee, composed of volunteers and supported by professional staff, will operate much as the Aquetong Spring Advisory Committee did, shepherding the creation of Aquetong Spring Park through a lengthy series of community meetings and detailed research.

In creating the committee, the Board of Supervisors directed committee members to hew closely to the findings of the Township's 202 Property Survey. The spring survey of Solebury households asked residents to rank the importance of over a dozen proposed uses for the land. Nearly 28 percent of households, representing a third of the population, responded, showing a preference for open space, active and passive recreational options.

With the survey results as their guideposts, committee members will hold numerous public hearings, seek additional citizen input, rigorously examine the costs and environmental impact of proposals and make recommendations to the Board. Supervisors stress that, as with all significant Township projects, the committee's priorities should be thoroughness and transparency, not speed, in order to reach the best possible outcome.


Peter BrussockMember
Nancy MinichMember
Robert Chase PalmerMember
Kay ReissMember
Joanne ReskaMember
Nancy Stock-AllenMember
Rickie YudinMember
Robin SeizAssociate Member
Per von ZelowitzAssociate Member
Barbara ZietchickAssociate Member

Key Contacts

Hanna HoweSupervisor Liaison
Kevin MorrisseySupervisor Liaison
Erika CanterburyAdministrator