Historical Architectural Review Board

The Solebury Township Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB) is a volunteer board of at least five (5) persons who are appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The HARB evaluates and makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding the appropriateness of proposed construction or renovation of any home or structure located within Solebury's two regulated historic districts of Carversville and Phillip's Mill.

HARB members consist of a licensed architect, a licensed real estate broker and other Township residents who represent the historic districts. Occasionally additional professionals may be retained to advise the HARB.

HARB's goal is to promote actions that will foster the aesthetic values of the community; provide visual compatibility with the surrounding properties and enhance the overall ambiance of the historic districts.

Board Members

Name Title
Laurence Peseski Chair
Scott Minnucci Vice Chair
C. L. Lindsay III, Esq. Member
Margaret Newman Member
Nancy Ruddle Member
Buz Teacher Member
Steve Young Member

Supervisor Liaison