Land Preservation Committee

The Land Preservation Committee (LPC) is comprised of up to 12 individuals appointed by the Board of Supervisors to advocate for, and promote land preservation in Solebury. The committee is assisted by legal counsel and technical expertise from consultants from Heritage Conservancy, Natural Land Trust and the Bedminster Regional Land Conservancy.

Responding to a mandate by Solebury's citizens to preserve land and conserve natural resources, (five referendums totaling $56 million have been approved by an overwhelming 78% - 90% of Township residents), members of the LPC work individually with land owners to eliminate development potential on their properties with either gifted or purchased conservation easements. The LPC's approach has always been a unique "neighbor working with neighbor to save our community" initiative.

Solebury's Land Preservation program is recognized as a model, locally, statewide and nationally.

Citizens wishing to become involved with the Land Preservation effort should contact Jean Weiss, Administrator, at 215-297-0347 or send a resume to Catherine Cataldi, Administrative Assistant - P.O. Box 139, 3092 Sugan Road, Solebury, PA 18963.

Committee Members

Name Title
Edric Mason, Jr. Chair
Phil Johnson Vice-Chair
Irene Biel Member
Elaine Crooks Member
Sally Drayer Member
Kay McBride Member
Ralph O’Banion Member
James Villeré, Jr. Member
Robert A. McEwan

Supervisor Liaison

Terry W. Clemons, Esquire

LPC Solicitor