Township Government

From its founding in 1702, Solebury has been a community that prides itself on the participation of residents in the life of the community. From churches to ball fields to public meetings, residents of Solebury play an active and vital role in the community.

Solebury is a second class Township organized under the Second Class Township Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Second Class Township Code sets forth only those actions and responsibilities given to local government: if an authority or responsibility is not directly authorized in the Code, Solebury has no authority.

Solebury's elected officials are Supervisors who are elected for six (6) year overlapping terms. There are five (5) Supervisors in Solebury. Municipal elections are held every odd numbered year. The Supervisors meet twice a month (except during the summer) in public meetings.

The Board of Supervisors has established the position of Township Manager by Ordinance and has authorized the Township Manager to manage the day to day operations of the Township.

The Board of Supervisors adopts an annual budget in December of each year for the upcoming fiscal year that begins in January.

Solebury's budget is part of a five (5) year strategic plan that sets forth the actions that are necessary to accomplish the goals and objectives of the Township.