Historic Districts

There are six historic districts in Solebury:

  • Carversville
  • Center Bridge
  • Cuttalossa
  • Lumberville
  • Phillips Mill
  • Upper Aquetong Valley

Settled in the late 17th and early 18th century at historically important crossroads, waterways and mill sites, each community has evolved in its own way, maintaining a distinct character.

To preserve this unique heritage, Solebury Township has taken several steps over the years to give these districts special designation. Working with local residents and the Bucks County Conservancy, among other preservation groups, these districts have been placed on the National Register of Historic Places -- a designation which both honors and protects their importance in the nation's history.

The Township itself has taken additional steps to maintain the integrity of these villages. Proposed renovations and new construction in Carversville and Phillips Mill must be reviewed for their effect on the historical and architectural integrity of the community. Other steps include requiring buffers and set-backs along each of the Township's historic areas, so that each site can remain in its natural setting.