FEMA Floodplain and Other Information

The Township adopted Ordinance 2014-010 Floodplain Ordinance requiring all persons, partnerships, business, and corporations to obtain a permit for any construction or development with a floodplain; providing for the issuance of such permits; setting forth certain minimum requirements for construction and development with areas of Solebury Township which are subject to flooding; and establishing penalties for any persons who fail, or refuses to comply with the requirements of this Ordinance. Also, Ordinance 2014-011 Amending Article 14, floodplain conservation district of Solebury Township Zoning Ordinance for consistency with Floodplain regulations required by FEMA and adopted as the Solebury Township Floodplain Ordinance. Contact the Township to review these Ordinances.

Click the links below to view the floodplain maps or visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website for additional information:

A Notice to Recreational Vehicle Owners: Recreational vehicles located within a floodplain must either be:

  • Elevated or anchored; or
  • On the site for fewer than 180 consecutive days; or
  • fully licensed and ready for highway use.

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