PennDOT Roadwork Information

PennDOT has an interactive GIS map on the web that tracks current and upcoming projects at Just click on the link, and in the pop-up menu, select "Municipality" and choose "Bucks County" and "Solebury Township" in the drop-down menus to see what PennDOT is up to in Solebury.

PennDOT also provides a website with a list of current and upcoming closures and repairs, where you can check the status of the state roads in the Township. Click here to visit the site and scroll down to Bucks County, or search for "Solebury" using your web browser's "find" function to quickly step through each listing.

Please note that this information is provided by PennDOT, and is not confimed by the Township. Some data may be incomplete or outdated.

Roads in the Township that are owned and maintained by PennDOT:

  • Mechanicsville Road SR 1002
  • Sugan Road (Paxson Road to Upper York Road) SR 1002
  • Phillips Mill Road SR 1002
  • Aquetong Road SR 1003
  • Carversville Road SR 1004
  • Fleecydale Road SR 1004
  • Green Hill Road SR 1007
  • River Road SR 0032
  • Lower York Road SR 0202
  • Windy Bush Road SR 0232
  • Upper York Road SR 0263
  • Stoney Hill Road SR 2103

To report a problem or concern on a State road, contact PennDOT's Doylestown office at 215-345-6060, or 1-800-FIX-ROAD.

Information is also available at PennDOT's website.