Fast-Tracking Repairs on Historical Homes

With spring cleaning in full swing after a raft of damaging late-winter storms, homeowners in Solebury's historic districts are discovering the Township's new fast-track program for repair and replacement in-kind. The streamlined process offers a simple form, $10 fee and five-day review for home maintenance projects that preserve the existing appearance, color, texture and other characteristics of the original work.

"Everyone should know how easy this is," emailed one longtime Carversville resident, "as long as you provide the details asked for. For painting we are doing the exact same color and had to give the type, kind, color and sample paint we are using. It was approved in 5 days. It was easy and much appreciated."

The RRIK program was developed in the Historical Architectural Review Board and adopted as an ordinance by the Board of Supervisors last fall. The application form is available online.

The architecture, design and character of our historic homes and villages are quintessential Solebury qualities. The Township is dedicated to preserving its history, which starts with making it easier for homeowners to make repairs on their property that maintain its historic attributes.

If you live in an historic district and are considering an in-kind repair or in-kind replacement on your home, call the Township office and see if you qualify for the RRIK program.