Police Resources

Domestic Violence

The following agencies can assist domestic violence victims during the time of emergency when victims do not want to call the Police Departments:

  • A WOMAN'S PLACE - 24 HOUR HOTLINE - 1-800-220-8116
  • NOVA - 1-800-675-6900; Additional information can be found on NOVA's web page

These agencies can assistance with places to stay, provide legal guidance, and help with contacting the local Police Departments.

Child Abuse Or Neglect

The Bucks County Children & Youth Social Services will help investigate reports of child abuse or help children who may be the innocent victims of crimes or domestic violence. 

Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Treatment System & Intervention

To ask questions and obtain referrals to deal with the specials needs of victims and family members during a drug or alcohol crisis contact:

Fraud Victims/Credit Card Theft

People who have reported being a victim of fraud or credit card theft, should also contact their bank to cancel all credit cards and have new ones issued. Also a credit report should be obtained from one of the following credit agencies:

  • EQUIFAX - 1-800-997-2493
  • TRANSUNION - 1-800-916-8800

PA Game Commission

The Game Commission is charged with investigating all hunting violations (other than trespassing) and hunting accidents. The Game Commission is the lead agency for having deer removed from the roadway after being hit by a vehicle. During the year, the Game Commission also runs hunting safety courses for new hunters. 

The Game Commission can be contacted at:

  • 877-877-9470
  • 610-926-1966

Driver Licensing & Testing Information

The PA Department of Transportation is charged with testing and issuing driver licenses to new drivers, new residents moving into the community, or re-examination of already licensed drivers. 

Crash Documents Online

If you were recently involved in a vehicle crash in Solebury Township you can now obtain your report 24/7 by using crashdocs.org.

Depending on the length of the investigation and approval from the Commonwealth of PA or other circumstances, it may take two to five days for the report to reach the Police Records Section.

To avoid unnecessary phone calls or a trip to Police Headquarters please utilize crashdocs.org to obtain a copy of your report.

Information required to obtain the report includes

  • Named individual to the crash
  • Date of crash
  • Police incident number.

2.4.2 Body-Worn-Cameras

This order establishes guidelines for the proper use, training, and care of the Body-Worn Camera system (BWC) and to establish policy regarding the retention, storage and release of mobile digital video files and images. You can read the order here.