Recreation Programs

Description of Programs

In addition to active recreation programs, the Parks & Recreation Department provides CPR/AED training to interested residents. CPR/AED machines are housed at both Pat Livezey Park and Laurel Park. Baseball, soccer and basketball coaches are trained in their use.

Partnerships and volunteerism are part of Solebury's fabric. Solebury Township Parks & Recreation partnered with a small energetic volunteer group known as TRACK 2002 as promoters and supporters of a grass roots community effort resulting in construction of a community sports facility, including a tract with an all-sport field, suitable for hockey, soccer and special events. The newly constructed Sports Complex at the New Hope-Solebury High School campus is evidence of that intangible quality that characterizes Solebury's community.

Program Awards

  • Solebury Township Parks & Recreation Department is recognized as an innovative leader in recreation offerings and has been recognized by the Pennsylvania Recreation and Parks Soceity as a winner in several categories for Excellence in Programming.
  • For its participation in the TRACK 2002 Sports Complex, the Parks & Recreation Department was named state winner in the Public/Private Partnerships category.
  • In the category of Health, Fitness and Wellness, the Parks & Recreation Department was recognized as a state winner for its CPR/AED Training Program offered to employees, volunteers, sports program coaches and community.
  • For its participation in the New Hope-Lambertville Winter Festival, the Parks & Recreation Department was named state-winner in the Festival/Special Events catergory, and also in the Special Publications category.
  • For its Summer Adventure Camp, the Parks & Recreation Department was named state-winner in the category of Health Fitness and Wellness, for emphasis on physical activity.
  • For its administration of the Solebury Little League Baseball and Softball programs, the Parks and Recreation Department was named the state-winner in the Public / Private Partnership category.

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