Aquetong Park Plan Available for Review

The Aquetong Spring Park Strategic Master Plan is... more ››

State Forester Briefs EAC on Dangerous Pests

Representatives from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture briefed the Solebury Township Environmental Advisory Council on the threats... more ››

Bucks County Initiates Smart911 with RapidSOS to Quickly Serve Callers

The Bucks County Commissioners and the Bucks County Emergency Communications Department have partnered with Smart911 to begin a new program... more ››

How You Can Help With Stormwater Runoff

There are many ways you can help Solebury Township with its stormwater management program to keep pollutants, chemicals, trash and other... more ››

Fast-Tracking Repairs on Historical Homes

With spring cleaning in full swing after a raft of damaging late-winter storms, homeowners in Solebury's historic districts are discovering... more ››

Solebury Awarded $1 Million Grant for Aquetong Spring Park

The completion of the Route 202 Trail in Aquetong Spring Park will be funded in part by a $1 million grant from the state Department of... more ››

Change of Upper District Polling Place

The Bucks County Board of Elections has permanently moved the location of the polling place for Solebury's Upper District. The new location... more ››

Storm Outage Numbers and Links

Here are some links and phone numbers to report utility outages:

Disaster Preparedness for Seniors

Natural disasters can be especially traumatizing for seniors. If you're a caretaker or a family member of a senior, you can take... more ››

Reporting Potholes

We've seen some extreme temperature swings so far this winter, and the repeated thawing and refreezing means we're likely to have a busy... more ››

Reflections on Aquetong Spring

With the warm colors and brisk mornings of fall upon us, and the promise of winter’s blanketing snow ahead, we all can be grateful to be... more ››

The Hardy Ash Tree has Many Pests

A favorite tree of country landscapers and urban planners for its full canopy and wide variety of types, the Ash makes its home from New... more ››

Quarry Meeting With DEP - Slides, Audio, Links

On Oct. 4, 2017, representatives of the Pa. Department of Environmental Protection gave a presentation to the Board of Supervisors on... more ››