Library Task Force Meeting Zoom Video

Here is the video of the May 15, 2020 Zoom meeting of the Solebury Township Library Task Force.

Township To Resume Limited Operations May 4, Acts to Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

Solebury Township will begin a gradual return to normal operations on Monday, May 4th, with a new schedule for our Administrative Offices.... more ››

New Hope Crushed Stone Quarry Status Report

The following is the New Hope Crushed Stone quarry status, communicated by the Pennsylvania DEP to Solebury Township on April 14, 2020.

New Columbus Oak Tree Tiles Available for Purchase

The New Columbus Oak Tree Tiles have just arrived

Solebury Township Achievement Summary – 2019

During 2019, the Solebury Board of Supervisors addressed over 160 issues. Many of these topics required extensive meetings and analysis. In... more ››

Year-End Quarry Update

The status of the New Hope Crushed Stone quarry as of the end of 2019 is outlined in the attached document. Mining has ceased, and... more ››

Stay Informed: Sign Up for Email Updates

Members of the Board of Supervisors and Township Administration often find themselves answering questions posed at public meetings about... more ››

Moody's Upgrades Solebury Bond Rating

Citing a stable tax base and a strong and improving financial condition, Moody's Investor Services has upgraded Solebury Township's rating... more ››

Agriculture and Sustainability Forum Audio

Here is an audio recording of the Oct. 3 forum hosted by the Solebury Township Farm Committee, discussing agriculture and sustainability.

Solebury Police Establish K9 Unit

Verizon Service Update

As part of ongoing efforts to improve the quality of wireless service in Solebury, members of the Township administration held a follow-up... more ››

Aquetong Spring Park Path Project

Planning is under way for the construction of paths in Aquetong Spring Park to provide a safe, convenient and continuous connection for... more ››

Bandit Signs Prohibited

In order to keep our roadways free of distractions with clear sight lines, and prevent the cluttering of our natural landscape, Solebury... more ››

In Memoriam: Malcolm Crooks

There is little about the natural beauty of Solebury today that was not tended with great care, for many decades, by Malcolm Crooks. A... more ››

EAC Recycling Forum Audio and Materials

Here is an audio recording of the June 11 Recycling Forum hosted by the Solebury Township Environmental Advisory Committee. Handouts and... more ››

Aquetong Creek

Aquetong Spring Park Update: Grants and Funding

Since taking title to the 45 acres surrounding Aquetong Spring 10 years ago, Solebury Township committed to a financial plan for the... more ››

Solebury, New Hope Increase Contribution to Library

The Free Library of New Hope and Solebury might be small in size, but the number of local residents checking out books, attending programs... more ››

New Hope Eagle Fire Presentation

The New Hope Eagle Volunteer Fire Company presented its "State of the Company" report at the March 19 meeting of the Solebury Township... more ››

Land Preservation Forum Audio

Here is an audio recording of the March 12, 2019 Land Preservation Forum presented by the Solebury Township Board of Supervisors.

Voluntary registration for privately-owned surveillance camera systems

The Solebury Township Police Department is committed to utilizing every resource to prevent and solve crimes and to protect citizens and... more ››