Note Cards

Note Cards
Note Cards - Photography by Mark Ludak
"Having lived here for three-quarters of a century, I am delighted that the farm will stay like this.  It has worked out extremely well for my family because we were able to achieve our dream of having the land stay as a farm and we have the assurance that our dreams are going to carry on and on."  Malcolm P. Crooks Love of the Land


Express yourself naturally with a set of note cards, featuring exquisite images of the preserved lands of Solebury Township. These beautiful images, photographed by Mark Ludak, are scenes from around Solebury and are available as a boxed set of notecards. Each box contains eight cards (two prints of each photograph), and net proceeds benefit the Solebury Township Land Preservation Fund.

Show your commitment to the Land Preservation efforts with a box of cards, available exclusively at the Solebury Township Building.

  • $8.00 per box
  • 2 boxes for $15.00