USDA Deer Management Project to Begin in 2024

Solebury Township’s annual deer management project is scheduled to begin the week of Feb. 5. Led by USDA Wildlife Services, operations will be conducted on various nights through the end of May. This project will continue to complement the existing sport-hunting program by supplementing hunter harvests with professional targeted deer removal. USDA personnel will utilize forward looking infrared technology to locate and safely target deer on Township and privately owned properties with expressed written permission through the provided USDA Form 12A.

This action continues to address public safety, over-browsing of native vegetation and agricultural crops. This management strategy supports long-term protection, preservation, and restoration of critical elements of the natural and cultural landscape while maintaining a healthy deer population within Solebury Township.

Deer harvested during this project will be processed and donated to local charitable outlets. Township officials will be updated on the status of the project periodically throughout.

Residents interested in more information about this service are encouraged to contact the Township building at (215) 297-5656.