Political Signs

The Township has received questions in recent days about the process for obtaining permits for political signs. Political signs now fall under the category of Short-Term Temporary Signs. This type of sign does require a permit. However, only a single permit need be obtained by a political party, political candidate or other organization, regardless of the number or variety of signs to be displayed. Such organizations or candidates need only submit a single application with a single application fee regardless of the number or variety of signs to be displayed. The applicant should attach a picture or proof of each sign to the application. Individual property owners do not need a separate permit to display such signs.

If you are subject to the permit requirement:

  1. Fill out a sign permit application by clicking here (or the permit is available at the Township Building).
  2. Sign the application and submit the $25 fee (payable to Solebury Township)
  3. Once reviewed and approved, the applicant will be contacted to pick up the permit.


  1. The maximum sign size is six square feet per side.
  2. Signs may be erected for no more than two forty-five-day periods per year.
  3. Signs shall be removed immediately upon the end of the period.
  4. Signs shall be no closer than six feet from one another, and shall be four feet from any riparian corridor, stream, watercourse, regulated water of the Commonwealth, lake, pond, wetlands, and the cartway.
  5. For more information on the Sign Ordinance, click here.