Emergency Property Repair Information

If you live in the Historic Districts of Carversville or Phillips Mill and have encountered any storm damage to your property which requires you to make repairs, please consider using the new Repair or Replacement in Kind (RRIK) application for speedier permit approval for the work.

In these historic districts normally any changes you make to your property—whether an elective, general or emergency repair which would be visible from the public way—require an application to obtain approval from the Township for the proposed work.

If you have storm damage from the Sept. 1, 2021, storm that requires repairs, you are encouraged to use the relatively new RRIK application for this work. This simple form is normally processed within five days; however, due to the urgency and scope of repairs necessary, the Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) has committed to provide approvals if appropriate, within one business day. The normal application fee of $10 will be waived if your RRIK application is for storm repairs and submitted before Nov. 1, 2021.

You are advised to follow the dictates of your insurance company, which normally requires you to secure your property so that no additional damage can occur. After this, you can proceed to obtain your repair application from the Township.

The RRIK application can be found on the Township web site, or you can call the Township offices. Additionally, you are encouraged to contact HARB Chairman Larry Peseski directly, who has offered to provide assistance and information regarding your repair or replacement issue. Larry can be reached at 215-630-5551.