Deer Management

You can help the Solebury Township Deer Management Program succeed.


We are currently accepting applications for landowners. Please complete the Property Enrollment Form [PDF] and either email to or drop off your application to the Township Office between the hours of 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday through Thursday.  

For more information about how you can become involved in the program, please call the Township at (215) 297-5656.


Based on the 2019 deer count by the USDA, the estimated deer population in Solebury Township is 189 per square mile, seven times greater than what is considered environmentally sustainable.

Overbrowsing by deer is a key cause of the depletion of the local woodland understory and the vegetation that lines local stream corridors. Deer management is an important part of Solebury’s long-term plan for maintaining and protecting vital water resources. When the ecosystem is in balance, plant life plays an essential role in storm water management. Plant roots facilitate the reabsorption of water through the ground, which can help prevent localized flooding and recharge the groundwater supply.

The overarching goals of the Deer Management Program are to reduce crop and property damage, minimize the threat of disease, reduce deer-related accidents and re-balance the ecosystem by managing the white-tailed deer population.

Solebury has adopted a community-wide approach to reducing deer damage. The program’s long-term success depends on the active involvement of more Solebury landowners who are willing to allow sport hunting on their properties.  If you are a landowner, we can match you up with a hunter who has been screened, licensed, trained, and committed to the legal and humane harvest of deer.

Positive relationships among hunters and landowners fosters an environment in which deer are harvested free of charge as well as in a manner that is mutually beneficial to both hunters and landowner.

More Harm Than Good: Why You Should Not Feed Deer

Check out the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Deer Brochure [PDF] for more information. Also learn more about the risks associated with Rumen Acidosis [PDF], which occurs when deer ingest large quantities of carbohydrates.

Request for Proposal: Deer Culling

The Solebury Township Board of Supervisors is seeking proposals from qualified consultants for culling of deer in Solebury Township, Pennsylvania. You can view the request for proposal here.