Solebury Farm Committee

The Solebury Farm Committee was established in July 2016 to protect agricultural land in the Township and support and strengthen our farming economy. The Committee's principal responsibilities are:

  • Provide information to local farmers, residents, and Township committees about the benefits of balancing agriculture with other land uses.
  • Educate Township officials about agricultural laws, safety issues, and zoning issues.
  • Recommend ways to create a climate that more fully supports the economic viability and sustainability of farming in the Township.
  • Develop and maintain an inventory of area farms and farm markets that includes location and size, and highlights significant agricultural lands.
  • Carry out agricultural support tasks as requested by the supervisors.
  • Coordinate activities with the Township’s new, state-mandated Agricultural Security Committee, when appropriate.

You can communicate directly with committee members at

Board Members

Name Title
Kaitlin Farbotnik Member
Tim Luccaro Member
Ron Moule Member
Graham Phillips Member
Stephen Phillips Member
Brian Smith Member
Buz Teacher Member
Kevin Morrissey Supervisor Liaison