Living in Solebury Township FAQ's

How do I determine if my property is in Solebury Township?

Contact the Township Administration Office at (215) 297-5656 or view the GIS interactive map.

Other than real estate taxes, what other taxes are Solebury residents subject?

Solebury residents are required to remit a 1% Earned Income Tax (which is withheld by the employer; if self-employed, quarterly estimated payments are required) and a $52 per year Local Services Tax.  Refer to this link for additional information: Tax Information

What do I do if my employer will not withhold the earned income tax that is required by the Township?

Call Keystone Collections Group for direction on this matter.   Residents may call (724) 978-0300 and businesses may call (724) 978 0328.

Who is the Township's Tax Collector? How can taxes be paid?

The Township's elected Tax Collector is Robert Carr.  He is responsible for the collection of real estate taxes (comprised of County, Township and School taxes).
He can be reached at:

PO Box 276
Lahaska, PA  18931
(215) 862-5897

Earned Income and Local Services taxes are collected by Keystone Collections Group.

Both School and Township taxes may remitted to the Tax Collector at the address noted on the real estate tax bill or payments may be made in person at the Township Building during posted collection hours of the Tax Collector.

Where can residents vote?

A voting map and list of precincts is located with the website under Polling Places

Where do I apply for an Absentee Ballot?

Contact the Bucks County Voter Registration Office at (215) 348-6154.

Are water and sewer services provided by the Township?

Solebury Township does not have public water and sewer throughout the Township.  Public water and sewer are provided by the Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority.

Does the Township provide trash hauling?

No.  Residents may choose any waste disposal company that operates in the Township.

Does the Township require residents and businesses to recycle?

Yes.  The Township requires residents to recycle newspaper, glass (clear, amber & mixed), plastics, aluminum, tin, steel and cardboard.  Businesses are required to recycle office paper, cardboard, steel and aluminum.  Please contact your trash hauler for recycling bins.

Is there a place in the Township for disposal of large items, such as furniture, old computers, appliances or hazardous waste?

No.  Contact the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Recycling hotline at 1-800-346-4242, the Bucks County Planning Commission at (215) 345-3400, or your local trash hauler.  Check the Bucks County webisite for annual electronic and hazardous waste recycling events.

Does the Township provide leaf pick-up?

No.  The Township asks property owners, where possible, to compost leaves on their property.

Which fire company covers my neighborhood?

These are the fire companies that service the Township:

  • Eagle Fire Company (New Hope area)
  • Eagle Fire Company Substation (Laurel Road)
  • Midway (Lahaska area)
  • Pt. Pleasant (northern area of Township)
Refer to the Community Directory for additional information regarding the fire companies.

How do I determine where my child will attend school in the Township?

Contact the New Hope-Solebury School District, Administration Office at (215) 862-5372.

Where is the nearest public library?

Free Library of New Hope and Solebury
93 West Bridge Street
New Hope, (215) 862-2330

Click here for a listing of Bucks County free libraries.

Where are the District Courts?

The local District Courts are located in Doylestown, Jamison and Ottsville.  For a full listing of all Bucks County District Courts, click here.

What should I do about the dead animal in my yard or along the roadside?

Contact the Pennsylvania Game Commission at (610) 926-3136 for animals on your property or on Township roads.  They can provide direction/assistance in this matter.
For State roads, contact PennDOT (215) 345-6060.

You can also contact the Health Department, Environmental Sanitation at (215) 345-3336.

Where is the local S.P.C.A.?

The Bucks County S.P.C.A. is located at 1665 Street Road, New Hope, Pennsylvania, (215) 794-7425.

How do I obtain a dog license?

Dog License Applications are available at the Township Administration Office. Completed applications must be mailed to the Bucks County Treasurer's Office in Doylestown, PA.  Click here for more information.