Planning Commission

The seven (7) member Planning Commission is appointed by the Board of Supervisors to review and make recommendations on Land Development issues.

Working under the guidelines established in Solebury's Comprehensive Plan, Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO) and the Pennsylvania Municipal Planning Code, the Planning Commission coordinates with the Township Manager, Solicitor, Planner and Engineer to review all land development site plans.  Once the applicant has met pre-submission suggestions / requirements (including an Existing Resources and Site Analysis Plan), the Planning Commission reviews an optional sketch plan and required preliminary and final plans. The Planning Commission also makes site visits to each property being considered for development.

Recommendations to the Board of Supervisors are based on how well the applicant's plan conforms to the goals and objectives of Solebury Township, as stated in the Comprehensive Plan, and on the compliancy of the applicant's plans with all Township ordinances.

Board Members

Name Title
Peter Brussock Member
Christopher J. Caputo Member
Keith Deussing Member
Jack Durkin Member
Dan Fest Member
Amanda Heller Member
Daniel Moser Member
Jordan B. Yeager, Esq. Solicitor
Jean Weiss Administrator (non-voting)
Paul Cosdon Supervisor Liaison