Archived News Articles

Blasting Alert

New Hope Crushed Stone has informed Solebury Township that blasting at the quarry site on Phillips Mill Road will occur Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Feb. 20, 22 and 24, between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

All questions related to these activities should be directed to New Hope Crushed Stone at 215-862-5288.

Board of Supervisors Meeting Has Been Canceled

The Solebury Township Board of Supervisors regular meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 21, 2017 has been canceled. The next regular meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 being at 7:00 P.M. at Solebury Township Municipal Building, 3092 Sugan Road, Solebury, PA 18963.

LPC Meeting Canceled

The Land Preservation Committee (LPC) meeting scheduled for Thursday, January 19th, has been canceled.  The next meeting will be in February, however, the date has not yet been finalized.

Fracking Presentation

In an effort to fully understand the possible impact of any future commercial natural gas development in or around Solebury, the Township retained geologist Jay Parrish and environmental planning expert Tom Daniels to evaluate the consequences of hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," and recommend any steps the Township might take to protect our natural resources.

In their public presentation at the Solebury Board of Supervisors meeting on Jan. 17, the experts presented their conclusion that the Township and its immediate surroundings are unlikely areas for gas exploration. They also offered a range of recommendations to address the remote possibility of future gas development.

You can download and review their presentation here, including their findings and recommendations.

HARB Meeting Canceled

The January 9, 2017, HARB Meeting has been canceled.  The next regularly scheduled meeting is February 6, 2016, at 7 pm.

EAC Offers Guidance for Growing / Managing Bamboo

Solebury Township has enacted a Bamboo Ordinance. Property owners and residents can now face fines and other penalties if they do not prevent any part of a pre-existing bamboo plant from spreading to an adjoining property or right-of-way, or from growing closer than 30 feet to the edge of a Township road or legal right-of-way, regardless of whether it is grown in the ground or a container.  Click here to view the Evironmental Advisory Committee's guidance for growing / managing bamboo.

Residential Burglary

A forced entry residential burglary occurred on Wednesday, Dec. 14, around 7 p.m. The residence is located in the Canal Walk neighborhood off of Route 32 near Route 202.

Further investigation revealed that a dark colored unknown type vehicle was observed in the neighborhood just prior to the burglary. The vehicle was possibly occupied by two black males.

Again, we ask residents to contact the police department if they observe any suspicious activity at 215-348-7400 or 911.

REMEMBER- If you observe something unusual or think something looks ‘wrong’, report it. DON’T HESITATE TO CALL 911! FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT! You WILL NOT get in trouble with the police—and you WILL be doing a service to your community!


  • A person or vehicle stays in the same place for an unusual length of time.
  • A parked car with the engine running- regardless of a person inside or not.
  • A person behaves strangely or exhibits unusual movements, looks out of place, or is wandering aimlessly.
  • A person concealing an object, carrying a weapon or suspicious bag.
  • A person looking into cars, moving from car to car, and/or tries door handles.
  • A person looking into windows of homes, or forcibly entering a car or home.
  • A person running from a home for no apparent reason, especially at night.
  • A person carrying/transporting unusual/valuable objects, day or night.
  • A person sells/conducts business out of their car, van, truck, or other vehicle.
  • A vehicle drives around your block frequently, slowing down, speeding up.
  • A vehicle without lights on, arriving or leaving at night.
  • A person leaving a neighbor’s house who isn’t the neighbor or someone you recognize or uniformed.

Resident Volunteers Needed

One of the reasons Solebury is such a great place to live is because of our citizen volunteers. We are very fortunate to have more than 40 volunteers who serve the township on permanent and ad hoc advisory boards as well as the Zoning Hearing Board. Among other things, these volunteers generously give their valuable time and expertise to:

  • protect, conserve, manage, and promote our natural resources (Environmental Advisory Council)
  • make recommendations on how to make agriculture more sustainable in Solebury (Farm Committee)
  • foster the aesthetic values of the community and enhance the overall ambiance of the 2 historic districts (HARB)
  • promote Land Preservation (Land Preservation Committee)
  • plan, improve and maintain Township parks (Parks & Rec Board)
  • make recommendations on Land Development issues (Planning Commission)
  • render decisions on specific types of land use appeals and applications (Zoning Hearing Board)

If you have any questions or are interested in giving back to our community by volunteering for one of our committees, please contact Gretchen Rice at or 215-297-5656. Please provide a brief statement of interest, what committee(s) you are interested in, and a resume (optional). We will be conducting interviews in December (and January, if need be). Hope to hear from you soon!