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  • Spring in Solebury

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    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

  • Preserving the Land

    Protecting and preserving the beauty, unique character and natural resources of Solebury Township includes appreciating its heritage.
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

  • Trails and Parks

    View Solebury's Recreational Opportunities.
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

  • Natural Abundance

    By planting native plant gardens, you can help to preserve the native plants that are disappearing from our area as well as create small oases for the wildlife in our neighborhoods.
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

  • Protecting Our Resources

    Solebury's citizens have always had a strong commitment to preserving open space.
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

  • Preserving Our Past

    Villages and hamlets are found in Solebury at historically important crossroads at points along the Delaware River...
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

Parks & Recreation



Planning, Code Enforcement &


Art in the Park at Magill's Hill

"Gantry," a sculpture by Susan Griswold, is now on display at Magill's Hill Park in Solebury. This spectacular piece had been previously displayed at the Pratt Institute of Art in New York City for the past several years. The Solebury installation is part of the PNC Arts Alive Sculpture Project in cooperation with New Hope Arts, sponsor of the project, and Solebury Township Parks & Recreation.

Installation began early in the morning on Tuesday, Sept. 8, and was completed by the end of the day for all to enjoy.


Aquetong Restoration: Native Plants Return

With the lake drained and the old dam successfully breached, native plants are returning to the Aquetong Park area in abundance. Seeds that had been lying dormant in the sediment of the old lake bed have begun to sprout, yielding a large number of young aspen, red maple, willow and sycamore trees.


As you can see in the recent picture above, native plants and grasses planted by the Township are filling in much of the reclaimed land. For comparison, below are two pictures taken during the beginning stages of the project: before the draining of the lake (left) and after the removal of the old earthen dam.

before during

Solebury Baseball Wins Championship

Congratulations to the 2015 Bux-Mont Connie Mack Baseball Champs as Solebury strikes gold for its second Championship in 8 years! Great job by Head Coach Brian Scotto and the entire team as they defeated Lower Providence Saturday night by a score of 1-0 in the bottom of the last inning on a line drive shot to the fence by pitcher Nate Wilson to score the winning run!


Solebury Seeks Volunteers for Aquetong Committee

The restoration of Aquetong Spring as a passive recreation area has long relied on the active involvement of citizens and conservation groups, and the final stages of planning for the park are no exception.

The Solebury Township Board of Supervisors is forming the Aquetong Spring Advisory Committee to recommend the best use of existing buildings, new improvements and passive recreational opportunities for the reclaimed pond and dam area. The five-member committee will include one representative each from the Aquetong Watershed Association, the Parks and Recreation Board and the Environmental Advisory Committee, and two additional township residents.

Residents who would like to be considered for the committee are invited to email the Township Manager expressing their interests and qualifications, including a resume if applicable.

The committee is expected to meet at least four times over the course of a year, and report back to the Board of Supervisors in an advisory capacity at least twice in that time.

Videos of Aquetong Restoration

Here's a time-lapse video of the work on Aquetong Spring Park since May 1st:

And here's an aerial video of the start of work on the Aquetong restoration project.

Rich Pasqua captured these images of the diversion of the lake water back into the stream. This work will proceed gradually, allowing the stream to find its own path, and as the lake recedes the fish will be relocated and the artificial dam removed.