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  • Spring in Solebury

    View our Township Directory for staff, their positions and contact information.
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

  • Aquetong Valley

    Protecting and preserving the beauty, unique character and natural resources of Solebury Township includes appreciating its heritage.
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

  • Along the Delaware

    View Solebury's Recreational Opportunities.
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

  • Natural Abundance

    By planting native plant gardens, you can help to preserve the native plants that are disappearing from our area as well as create small oases for the wildlife in our neighborhoods.
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

  • Protecting our Resources

    Solebury's citizens have always had a strong commitment to preserving open space.
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

  • Carversville Roadside

    Villages and hamlets are found in Solebury at historically important crossroads at points along the Delaware River...
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

Solebury Day 2


Solebury Day:  A community wide event designed to celebrate all that is Solebury by fostering community pride, promoting Township programs and encouraging volunteerism.

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Planning, Code Enforcement &


Solebury Police: Numerous Reported Thefts From Vehicles

Numerous reported thefts have been reported from parked, unlocked vehicles during the night in Peddlers View. Streets include Equestrian and Clydesdale.

Solebury Police urge all residents to lock their parked vehicles at all times. Thefts of opportunity encourage thieves to commit this type of crime due to the sheer number of parked vehicles concentrated in the neighborhood.

Please report any suspicious activity to Solebury Police at 215-348-7400 or 911.

River Road Repairs Slated for Late October

PennDOT is planning to begin work in late October on repairs to the River Road retaining wall near Paxson Road. Portions of Route 32 (River Road) will be closed during the project, along with a portion of Paxson Road.

Passenger cars will be detoured along State Road 263 (Upper York Road) and Greenhill Road. Truck traffic will be directed on to Route 202 and out of the Township.

The $3 million project to repair 1300 feet of retaining wall that supports River Road is expected to be completed by June 2016. You can download and view a PDF of the detour map here.

Update on Recent Residential Burglaries

Since April 2015, the Solebury Township Police Department has investigated five residential burglaries. The burglaries occurred on the 6000 block of Stoney Hill Road, 6400 block of Deerfield Drive, 3200 block of Sawmill Road, 2800 block of River Road, 5900 block of Upper York Road and the unit block of Hillside Lane.

Area police agencies have also seen a recent increase in residential burglaries. We are working closely with these agencies to investigate these cases.

The Solebury Township Police Department has increased patrols and is actively pursuing investigative leads in these cases. In addition, along with our partners from area departments, we are utilizing all available technology and investigative tools to aid in our investigations.

Some of the items stolen from the homes have included a handgun, jewelry, computers, watches, cameras and currency.

In four of the five Solebury Township burglaries, there were no residential alarm systems installed in these homes. In the one burglary case where the alarm was activated by the intruder, the suspect fled rapidly and this reduced the potential loss for the victim.

The Solebury Township Police Department strongly encourages the use of residential alarm and camera surveillance systems.

It is strongly recommended that residents lock all doors and windows of their homes and that sliding doors be supported by a dowel or other locking mechanism.

The Solebury Township Police Department also encourages all residents to be vigilant and to report suspicious people and vehicles immediately.

In addition, The Solebury Township Police Department utilizes social media—Twitter and Facebook—you can follow these sites for updates from the police department.

Solebury Baseball Wins Championship

Congratulations to the 2015 Bux-Mont Connie Mack Baseball Champs as Solebury strikes gold for its second Championship in 8 years! Great job by Head Coach Brian Scotto and the entire team as they defeated Lower Providence Saturday night by a score of 1-0 in the bottom of the last inning on a line drive shot to the fence by pitcher Nate Wilson to score the winning run!


Dam Breached, Restoration Underway

Fulfilling many years of community discussion, planning and cautious execution, Township contractor Flyway Excavating safely breached the decaying earthwork dam earlier this summer, allowing the Aquetong Creek to once again find its natural path through Solebury.

But the restoration work on one of the Township's most important natural resources is just beginning.

Remnants of the old Civil-War-era dam are still being cleared from the park and the former lake bed will require many more weeks to return to its natural, dry state. Work is already underway to sift-out a century's worth of nails, cans, and other discarded items to return the land to open space.

For everyone's safety, the Aquetong Park area is still posted as a construction zone and, while work continues, remains closed to visitors.

To ensure that this moment in Solebury's history is carefully preserved, the Township and its contractor worked closely with the Solebury Township Historical Society to document the changes to the area surrounding Aquetong Spring. You can follow the progress at their website.

Those who wish to be part of the long-term planning for the Aquetong Spring area still have an opportunity to volunteer. The Board of Supervisors is seeking residents to join the Aquetong Spring Advisory Committee, a group tasked with identifying improvements and passive recreational opportunities for the newly-reclaimed land. (See this announcement to apply.)